Thoughts from 30,000 feet

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Thoughts from 30,000 feet

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Life has been busy lately. I unexpectedly got a new job within the company I have been working for, and that transition has taken up a lot of my mental space. Moving on to something new was  bittersweet and it came with a small load of guilt, because it meant leaving a group of people I have come to love and adore the last 4 years. They have taught me so much and given me so many opportunities to grow within our department, I felt bad leaving them to try something new. But, as I was told by many people around me, I had to put the feeling aside that I owed them something, and spread my wings if I had the chance to do so, and if it was a move that better met the needs of my current situation with my son. So, that’s what I decided to do, and I moved over to a new group of lovely individuals (and way better hours) on April 4th. I must say, it’s been a lovely transition so far, and I am eager to see what comes next. More on that later.

As I write this, I am sitting on a plane next to the person I love most in this entire world, coming home from an utterly phenomenal weekend getaway. I received a chunk of money from the sale of the home I never wanted to sell after I got divorced, so I figured I should use some of it to plan a trip that would blow my son’s mind. We both deserved something extraordinarily fun after enduring and finally getting to the other side of the mess his father created, so I booked a trip to Botcon in Louisville, KY. For those not familiar with this event, think ComiCon, but with just Transformers. I was a Transformer fan as a kid, and my son inherited my love for Bots early on. All the nights his dad would bury his face in his Kindle because he couldn’t care less what his son was talking about, I would sit and watch DVDs, read books, and play all things Transformers with him night after night. His uncle and grandfather also logged countless hours watching him pretend to transform or act out scenes from his favorite Transformer movie. (Not the live action films, by the way. Just the 80’s animated movies.) He discovered there was a convention for like-minded fans and almost drowned in his own drool as he told me about it back in January. A light bulb went off almost immediately — this could be the trip we should take. I hopped online without saying a word, and researched flights and hotel accommodations. Several minutes later, I surprised him with the big news – we were going to Botcon! I thought he might pass out and it took him several minutes to wrap his brain around what I had just told him. Once he digested the information, his excitement was almost impossible to contain, and we started a countdown on the chalkboard in the kitchen until April 7th. Ninety-six days later, we were off.

What an amazing trip this was. Not only because I got to make one of his dreams come true, but because it was our first trip alone. Just the two of us. We have traveled all over the world, but we were always with other family members. This trip was ours, and ours alone. And it was So. Much. Fun. I got to laugh with him, talk with him, and experience something with him that he was beyond excited to do. What greater joy is there than to watch your child be thrilled by something he loves, as well as make a memory that will lat him – and myself – a lifetime? I will never quite be able to put into words how grateful I am that I could do this for us. The memories of sitting around the living room of our amazing hotel laughing and ordering late night room service dessert, as well as the wonderment and excitement that consumed him upon walking through the doors of Botcon will rank up there with my all-time favorite memories. We have a trip to the coast planned in three weeks, another beach trip planned for June with my folks, and a cruise booked for summer 2017, but none of those will be quite as special as our spontaneous trip to Kentucky.

Thank you, Louisville, for the wonderful memories. Everything from the unexpected upgrade in our grand hotel to the incredibly kind driver who shuttled us to and from the airport was just perfect. Thank you, Cosmos, for all of the pieces falling together so nicely for such a smooth trip. Only a million different things can go awry when traveling, especially to a place you’ve never been before, as a single parent of a teenager, but this trip was without worry, confusion, or headaches of any kind. Thank you, jerk-off ex-husband, for flubbing everything up, giving me the opportunity to find the silver lining in my situation and take the trip of a lifetime with our son, without you. Honestly, it was nice not having to share him with anyone, or have you there to act disengaged or annoyed because it was something you have zero interest in. I am fairly certain I will never, ever miss that. And most importantly, thank you, Lord, for the gift of my son. Even if I found a way to cure cancer tomorrow, being his mother and being so close to such an amazing human being would be my greatest accomplishment in life. Thank you, times a million.


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